Friday, June 4, 2010

Playing Catch Up

We are now a week into summer vacation, meaning the school year is officially over for my little kindergartener and preschooler. And with the temperatures rising and all the end of the school year festivities, I'm a little worn out.

I loved Ian's preschool this year. However, I didn't love the 35 minutes we had to kill between the time I dropped Ashton off at school and the time Ian's school started. I also didn't love all those 4-year-old girls throwing themselves at my boy.

What I will miss are all the fun projects and activities he got to do. Like the Mother's Day tea party.

And the concerts (love the hand motions).

Now, I've never really seen the point of preschool graduations, but this is one dang cute preschool graduate. So proud.

Ashton loved school this year and is reading like a madman. He was pretty sad on the last day of school, which just about brought a tear to this proud mother's eye.

And just like Ian, Ashton had an end of the year concert. Can you spot him? He's the tall one in the back row. I think he just might be the tallest in his grade.

Love those hand motions!

But can you please tell me how to get him to smile naturally for a picture?!

Now I've got a few months with all three boys at home before it's just Carter. What will I do with only one at home all day?

In the meantime, if you need to get a hold of us, check the local junior high pool.